Finding Phantom Problems

By Ray Rayburn August 8, 2019

Most consoles that supply phantom power follow the P48 Standard (also called 48-volt phantom). This entails the use of a 48-volt DC power supply with… Read More

Speakers On A Snake

By Mike Sokol July 2, 2019

Here’s something I’ve seen in at least three churches over the last several months, so I know it happens. Let’s suppose there’s a standard 100-foot… Read More

NEXT-proaudio Debuts PXA8001 PX Power Rack

By PSW Staff June 3, 2019

NEXT-proaudio has developed the PXA8001 integrated rack solution (powered by Powersoft), designed for optimum performance flexibility and setup simplicity. The new rack is the heart… Read More

Tech Focus: Dynacord Eco Rail Technology

By PSW Staff May 10, 2019

Globally launched in 2018, Dynacord IPX series multi-channel amplifiers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany to deliver the pinnacle of power amplifier engineering… Read More