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Power Amplification: How Much Is Enough?

Determining which power amplifier is appropriate for a specific application is not as easy as one may think. The answer starts with a full understanding of the key factors of the situation and then how to apply them in the… Read More

Understanding Modern Power Amplifiers

All power amplifiers incorporate several key design facets, and it’s important to recognize what they are as well as their significance. Modern amplifiers also incorporate an increasing number of features that enhance their value as devices as well as within… Read More

The Power Amplifier-Loudspeaker Relationship

Years ago, only car stereo makers would advertise “2,000 Watts Of Earthshaking Power!” But with the recent shift to switching power supply amplifier topology, we’re now seeing this with many pro-oriented products. What’s behind the hype? And what about properly… Read More

Microphone Choice and Application for Live Recording

When done well, a live recording captures the energy and personality of the performance, along with the ambiance and (if desired) audience response.  And, it starts with the right microphone that fits the particular application and is correctly placed. In… Read More

Unusual Microphone Techniques for Live Applications

Getting a little bored with the same old “tried-and-true” microphone techniques? Perhaps it’s time to have some fun with fresh, effective approaches that are off the beaten path. In “Not Typical: Unusual Microphone Techniques For Live Applications,” Chapter 5 of… Read More

Vocal Microphone – Selection Challenges and Solutions

Choosing a live vocal microphone for a singer – particularly one you’ve never worked with before – presents several challenges. Of course there’s the sonic aspect, but several other very important factors come into play as well. For example, the… Read More

Phantom Power for Microphones Explained

Phantom power is provided at the microphone input connectors on nearly all mixing consoles and audio interfaces. Most condenser microphones need it to operate, so you simply plug the mic into the mixer to power it. But the ways we… Read More

Microphone Approaches For Acoustic Performances

The microphone will capture the sweet, airy sound of a guitar, upright bass, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo — if the right approach is taken.  Acoustic music heard over a sound reinforcement system is all about beauty and naturalness, not hype and… Read More

Double-Miking Approaches For Drums

If you’ve never experimented with double-miking an instrument, you’re in for a treat. It can provide a whole new palette of tonal colors, along with surprising ease of control. It’s especially useful when working with an unfamiliar console, one that… Read More

Drum Miking: Unique Ways To Mic Up The Kit

When researching drum miking techniques there’s already an overwhelming amount of information already out there, so rather than rehash it, let’s explore some less conventional approaches. In “Drum Miking: Unique Ways To Mic Up The Kit,” Chapter 5 of the… Read More

Snare Drum Miking: Techniques from the Field

The Snare drum is the baseline sound for the mix, yet before the arrival of rock ‘n’ roll in the late 1950s, putting a microphone near the snare was out of the question. Now miking the snare is routine and,… Read More